With your support, we are able to partner with incredible organizations who are leading the fight against pediatric cancer and supporting superheroes all around the country. One Summit is an organization that empowers children battling cancer to build resilience and courage. Through Climb for Courage events and mentorship with a Navy SEAL, children face and overcome different challenges and learn to apply their resilience to their pediatric cancer journey. Here’s one story of an incredible Climb for Courage kid.


Jared was your typical Pokemon-loving, Lego-building seven-year old when his life turned upside down. He was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in April 2014 and began fighting for his life.

When Jared signed up for One Summit’s Climb for Courage event, he wondered if any Navy SEALs would understand his situation. He asked his dad, “Do you think any Navy SEALs ever had cancer when they were kids? And do you think they would say I’m tough for beating this?”


As it turns out, Jared’s Navy SEAL mentor, Andy, is a cancer survivor himself. Andy told Jared he was proud of him for being so brave, and their connection was instantaneous. Andy even gave Jared a small trident to make him an honorary SEAL!


Even beyond the Climb for Courage event, the two continue to have a special bond as they strengthen and encourage one another. It is amazing how much of a difference this mentorship makes.


We’re so excited to be able to bring this to more superheroes in 2017 as we partner with One Summit. Thank you for your support for fighters like Jared!



Beckham is a two-year-old superhero battling cancer. He especially loves "copters," and loves to watch the University of Michigan Health System's Survival flight helicopter take off from the window of his hospital room during his treatment.


When Isabella met a Love Your Melon Campus Crew at the local mall, she had no idea what big surprises were in store for her adventure! The Crew led her outside where she discovered a pink stretch limo awaiting her and her friends and family!

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