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Our comfort and relief efforts for children battling cancer and their families are ramping up. These kids are under strict restrictions at hospitals since they are immunocompromised. Many of the hospitals we’ve been in contact with have noted no visitors under the age of 18 are allowed and only one adult is able to visit at a time. This means that these kids are not able to see their siblings and are only able to have one of their parents by their side. In addition to this, all play and activity rooms are shut down.

Starting today, we are putting together boxes of superhero costumes and beanies along with other children’s toys, books and activities. LEGO generously provided us with thousands of LEGO sets to include and we’re asking all other corporate partners to donate what they have to hospitals in need. If you have an item to give in bulk and would like it included in our Smiles Inside Boxes, please reach out.

If you or someone you know is a patient or provider in a children’s hospital, fill out the form below to request a Smiles Inside Box. We’ll verify with the hospital team where it is going and confirm that we are able to ship.

If you are a company or individual looking to donate children’s toys, books or activities in bulk, please email Please note that we are looking for items individually packaged in bulk (100+) and they must be brand new.

We are sending over 30 Smiles Inside Boxes this week and expect to send hundreds more to children’s hospitals throughout the country in the coming weeks. We are incredibly thankful for your support during these times. Together, we can make a difference.

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