National Pediatric Cancer Foundation

The National Pediatric Cancer Society (NPCF) is an organization dedicated to funding research to find less toxic, and more targeted therapies to eliminate childhood cancer. Through a collaborative research network with top oncologists and researchers across the country, NPCF is accelerating the speed at which treatments can be discovered and thus improving the outcomes of childhood cancers. 

Love Your Melon is proud to support the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation with $25,000 this year to fund a cutting-edge research project, which uses immunotherapy to treat osteosarcoma patients. Immunotherapy has shown profound benefits for adult patients, however, it has yet to be fully developed for pediatric patients.

Last year, our funding has supported research related to high-grade sarcomas, such as Ewing sarcoma, Osteosarcoma, and rhabdomyosarcoma, and reducing the changes of recurrence. NPCF researchers will be conducting clinical trials utilizing newly developed blood based biomarkers, which can better predict recurrence of disease when a patient has reached remission and can make a future impact in how sarcomas are treated. 

In June 2020, Love Your Melon also gave an additional $50,000 to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation to support their new initiative, the Safety Net Grant Program. This Program assists low-income families where a child is undergoing cancer treatment. This program will provide grants of up to $1,000 per family to assist with eligible treatment based costs. Love Your Melon's contribution will be allocated to families of the Black Community across the country under financial stress who have children undergoing cancer treatment. 

Years Given: 2019, 2020



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