Importance of Therapeutic Treatments

As children go through cancer treatment, they need more than just medicine. Therapeutic treatments can impact a child’s recovery process by significantly decreasing stress levels and creating positivity that improves chances of survival. At Love Your Melon, we are dedicated to providing this relief for children by creating adventures they will never forget.


Love Your Melon Superhero Adventures were originally inspired by an amazing individual and dear friend of ours, Zach Sobiech. We were able to take him into the clouds on a helicopter ride. After seeing how meaningful this experience was for Zach, we decided to provide adventures for as many children as possible.

Our Impact

All around the country, we are able to take children battling cancer on unique therapeutic adventures tailored specifically to their favorite things. Adventures have included helicopter rides, trampoline parks, trips to the zoo, professional sporting events and more. Every time we are able to provide a child with an adventure, we see the incredible positive impact it has on the child’s family.

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