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This beanie features a detachable Love Your Melon light up patch. The electroluminescent lighting element is powered by a single AAA battery. Move the switch to the "full" position in order to turn the light on, the "BL" position in order to make the light blink, or the "off" position in order to turn off the light completely, battery not included. These beanies are incredibly cozy and fit more snug.


Yarn Color: Black

Sizing: 9” x 11” standard when uncuffed. One Size.

Content: 99% Cotton 1% LYCRA® 


1. Carefully unvelcro patch and battery pack from the beanie. Disconnect cable at middle joint, not at the back of the patch. Push end of the cable attached to the patch through the hole in the velcro patch on the beanie. Remove battery pack and light up patch.

2. Remove pom if applicable by pressing on the pom snap button on the outside of the beanie at the base of the pom and pull pom off.

3. Machine wash beanie with cold water using mild detergent. Tumble dry on high heat.

4. Once Beanie is dry, push cable attached to patch through hole in velcro patch and connect to battery pack. Attach patch and battery pack to their respective velcro locations.

Origin: Made in Minneapolis, MN

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