There are many ways to join the fight against pediatric cancer, and one of our favorites is simply connecting with these incredible children and putting smiles on their faces. Here’s a look at how Hospital Giving Events allow us to personally connect with these children.

At college campuses across the country, Love Your Melon Campus Crew Members join together to visit children undergoing treatment at local hospitals and support facilities.

Crew Members go from room to room dressed as superheroes to provide a fun therapeutic experience for each child they encounter. Many of these visits are filled with smiles and laughter as Crew Members deliver beanies and encourage children to keep battling cancer like superheroes.

At some Hospital Giving Events, Crew Members also gather with children and families in the lobby for activities such as lunch, music, coloring, games and beanies.

As fall approaches, Crew Members all over the country are gearing up for more Hospital Giving Events in the months ahead. Stay tuned to hear about the superheroes we connect with.

It is inspiring to see the resilience and spirit in these families as they find joy amidst a difficult time. Thank you for your support - together, we are giving beanies and smiles to children all across the country!

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